Frontier Airlines Minor Policy

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Before we talk about the unaccompanied minor policy of Frontier Airlines, let us shed some light on the meaning of unaccompanied minors. When a young child travels alone without his parent or a legal guardian, it is known as an “unaccompanied minor”. And the policy designed for these minors is called minor policy or policy for unaccompanied minors. When it comes to Frontier Airlines, it is best recognized for its flexible policies and world-class services. Therefore, if your child is traveling alone on Frontier Airlines, then you can rest assured that he or she will be provided with complete assistance, right from the airport to the departure and throughout the journey to the final destination – thanks to the Frontier Airlines minor policy. Keep on reading to learn more about the same.

Frontier Airlines Minor Policies

Children who are between the age of 5 and 14 years will be considered as minors and when they travel alone, they will come under the unaccompanied minor category. According to this Frontier Airlines unaccompanied minor policy, they will be allowed to take any flight on domestic as well as international routes. However, they will not be permitted on connecting flights. Due to COVID-19, the airline has made some changes to its minor policies.

The airline is no longer accepting kids below the age of 15 years who are traveling alone. To travel on Frontier Airlines, they should be in the same flight reservation as the accompanying parents or guardians. Even though this rule is in effect from 1st November 2018, the airline is now following this policy strictly.

Frontier Airlines Policy on Unaccompanied Minors

Although unaccompanied minors are not currently accepted by the airline, they may take away the restriction sooner or later. So, you should know the essential points of the policy. We have listed some important aspects below:

  • The fee as per the Frontier Airlines minor policy is USD110 for a one-way trip
  • The booking for unaccompanied minors can be done online
  • The child must know the final destination
  • The parents or legal guardians will be provided with the gate access
  • Unaccompanied minors will be provided with snacks and beverages in-flight
  • The legal guardian or parent will be provided with the gate pass so that they can pick up the child

In addition to these points, you must fill out the unaccompanied minor form properly. You can download the same from the official website of Frontier Airlines. Since your child will need it on the flight, pay special attention while filling it. However, this form is not mandatory for kids who are between 15 and 17 years of age. They will only require carrying a valid and government-issued ID card. You must read the Frontier Airlines minor ID policy beforehand to avoid unnecessary hassles.

Get in Touch with us to Know More about the Frontier Airlines Minor Policy

Have questions about the Frontier Airlines minor seat policy? Since the airline is not accepting minors at present, you must have some questions and doubts. Therefore, you must connect with us to find out more about the same. Here, we have a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals. They all are adept and knowledgeable enough to guide and help you understand the policy and its crucial aspects. Being a leading and trusted platform for support services, you can count on us to get answers to all your queries. We are saying this because we have equipped ourselves with the necessary information that is needed by our users to make their upcoming trips less complicated and more joyful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Frontier Airlines Minor Policy

Some of the frequently asked questions about Frontier Airlines minor policy and related aspects have been answered here:

If a child (below 18 years of age) is traveling alone on a domestic flight of Frontier Airlines or within the country, then they will not require any ID card. However, they will need to show the same if they are traveling internationally. Get in touch with the airline for detailed information about the same or understand the Frontier Airlines minor ID policy.

As per the Frontier Airlines minor policies, the age of the child must be between 5 and 15 years. In addition to this, kids who are 15 years old will also be treated as minors. The rules mentioned under the minor policy will be mandatory for the kids under the age group mentioned. In case the child is 15-17 years of age, they are not required to travel as an unaccompanied minor. However, the services of this policy will be optional for them.

If your child is traveling alone but within the country, then they will only require one thing – the unaccompanied minor form or ID form which should be duly filled by the parents or legal guardian. For international travels, your child will need to show any valid or government-issued/approved ID like passport, birth certificate, etc. You can also call the customer support team of Frontier Airlines to understand the policy and know the IDs that are accepted by them.

Yes, they can travel with some small electronic devices and even use the same on the airline’s Wi-Fi network. However, you are suggested to read the baggage policy of Frontier Airlines at least once to know the types of items that can be carried as carry-on or checked baggage. You can also browse through the official website of Frontier to learn more about the same.

Yes, you can pack some solid food items either in the checked or carry-on baggage. In case you want to pack liquid or gel-based items, you will need to connect with the airlines to learn more about the policies designed for carrying liquid and gel-based items. However, you should know that the airline will provide your child with snacks and beverages on the flight as per the unaccompanied minor policy Frontier Airlines. You are suggested to browse through the official website of Frontier or simply call the customer support team on the numbers given to get in touch with their representatives.

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  • Luke Langston says:

    My son is 16 years old and has a valid state issued drivers license And is planning to fly alone on frontier. Does he require a parent or guardian to Be present with him in order to clear TSA or to board the plane? I am his father and fully trust his ability to fly alone and therefore I do not wish to classify him as a unaccompanied minor for his trip. just wanting to make sure that I can simply drop him off at the airport without needing to come inside to accompany him through TSA etc. Thx

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    Do you offer a service for minors?

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    Mi daughter is 15 years old, born 9 December 2006. She wants to take the flight F92959 from NY Newark to Miami
    Can she travel alone?

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    My son is 16 and flying out of Cleveland to Fort Myers.. What will he need?

  • Curtis Fortinberry says:

    Do you still have the No unaccompanied minors policy in effect?

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    My sister is wanting to come visit and doesnt have an ID. She just turned 16 years old and will be flying alone. Does she need any documentation? She is homeschooled, so she doesn’t have a school ID.

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    I lost my daughters birth certificate she will be 2 and is sitting on my lap do I need it?!

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