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Is Frontier a Good Airline to Travel with?

The American carrier, Frontier Airlines is headquartered in Denver city in Colorado. It can be considered an ultra-low-cost airline. Being a budget airline, you may want to know is Frontier a good airline for traveling with respect to connectivity and amenities. 

Frontier has connectivity from all over the world. The carrier is currently connecting to more than 100 destinations in the United States. It connects about 31 international destinations as well. The hub for the carrier, where the airline is found to be extremely active, is Denver International Airport. Therefore, in terms of connectivity Frontier can be a good airline to travel with.

Is Frontier Airline Provides Good Amenities?

Speaking of amenities, this American airline can comprise good seating and meals. For seating, it has two types of options. One is standard and another type includes stretch seats. Standard seats have a comparatively lower pitch and smaller tray tables than stretch seats. 

Food-related facilities by Frontier can be both hygienic and good in terms of taste. Around the COVID-19 outbreak, many may refrain from consuming in-flight food. For this reason, the airline can serve hot-packed meals on flights. The airline also serves a multi-cuisine menu onboard. This menu can be completely paid for regardless of the seating of the passenger. The kind of food facilities Frontier Airlines is offering may have left no doubt in wondering is Frontier a good airline to fly with.

Frontier Airline Ticket Offers

Frontier offers budget-ticketing options to its passengers, making it a preferable carrier. You may find three varied options of ticketing with it – Basic, Works, and Perks.

Basic fare, as the name suggests, are basic ticketing options having standard seating facilities. Passengers are only allowed to carry one personal item. These include flights traveling directly from one destination to other. Works are the ticketing fares having a multi-city route and the price of flight can start from $60 USD. These fares have some benefits for passengers. Selecting your own seat and preference are a few of these.

The Perks ticket option may help you give an even clearer picture regarding is Frontier a good Airlines. This carrier gives up to 30% discount on this ticketing option. Passengers may take benefit from traveling with one carry-on bag and a checked bag. Also, Perks passengers may take advantage of preference on boarding as well.

0 thoughts on “Is Frontier a Good Airline to Travel with?

  • Alex says:

    I have traveled with frontier before and agree with you on so many points proving if is frontier a good airline. I may say the same just one thing have bothered me is the delays… I would prefer them to be a little short. I recently had a flight with them to San Francisco from New York and the flight got delayed but luckily I got the news on time. Currently, they area decent option for budget flying in my opinion.

  • Jane says:

    I think you have helped in forming an opinion on the question which is often found floating i.e., is frontier airline a good airline. I have only traveled with them once when I had to travel to Chicago for my sister’s wedding. I made a last-minute booking right at the airport and I won’t say I am disappointed with the services. But I wish they can improve the travel experience for passengers. I may consider it for short distance flights like some domestics and all.

  • Honbart says:

    After traveling with Frontier for almost 6 years I think I can give an opinion on is frontier a good airline to fly with. I love traveling on a budget and may be that is the reason for choosing frontier. In terms of cost-efficient tickets, I am with them. I know the airline does not really too many facilities on its aircraft but the crew is very helpful and supportive. I have never faced any issues where the airline either has not responded back or they have failed to solve the issue. Fingers crossed I do not want to face it either.

  • Jacky says:

    Have a neutral opinion on this question – is frontier a good airline. Its is not like I am a regular passenger with the airline but whenever I have to save money I do check out their ticket prices. Until now I have always found a good deal with the airline. Also, I have no problem with them not having many facilities to offer as its not possible to provide such facilities at such a reasonable price.

  • Nancy says:

    If were to bring a conclusion on is frontier airlines a good airline I would say its a YES in case it is an urgent booking at a low cost. This airline do have good number of flights on a routine basis.. Which might be the reason of expecting an urgent flight with them. I might have done it thrice as far as I remember one for NY, and twice for Virginia flights I thinks

  • Laurence says:

    Frontier can be called a good airline keeping in mind the low cost flight is offers. Although they do need to improve some facilities like their website which barely works. I often use their website and have found that it do not work sometimes. But to conclude I will answer yes to the question -is frontier airlines a good airline to fly.

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