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Frontier Airlines Refund Policy

Frontier Airlines is best recognized for being an ultra low-cost carrier of America. Since it is highly preferred by the people from and to fly the destinations covered by Frontier Air, this air operator feels happy when helping its passengers. Amid COVID-19, Frontier stands out among the rest for its outstanding services. It is quite evident that many people are unable to fly or want to make changes into their booking because of the ongoing threat of Coronavirus. If you are also one of those people and want to cancel your booking, then it becomes relatively essential to understand the Frontier Airlines refund policy. To find the answer to what is Frontier Airlines refund policy, keep scrolling.

Frontier Airlines Ticket Refund Policy

Before we discuss the refund policy of Frontier Airlines, we would like to tell you about the cancellation policy first. The airline has made a few changes in its policy. Check out the following pointers to know it better:

  • As it is a low-cost air operator, you can expect affordable fares and cost-effective flight ticket cancellation and change fees
  • The change fees on all the booking through 30th September 2021 have been abandoned by the airline
  • If you want to be eligible for the refund after cancellation, then you are advised to purchase the WORKS bundle
  • By purchasing this bundle, you will be provided with several benefits including the seat selection and one carry-on and one checked baggage free of cost

Cancellation Policy of Frontier Airlines

As we have said earlier, understanding cancellation policy is necessary for you to know the refund policy better. So, the detailed information about the same has been given here:

Cancellation within 24-Hour of Booking

You can cancel your ticket for free and claim for the full refund if you do it within 24 hours of the booking. This benefit is provided as per the 24-hour Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy. But yes, you will need to pay the cancellation charges if you have booked the tickets within a week or 7 days before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Cancellation after 24-Hour of Booking

In case you miss the risk-free period of free cancellation, do not worry. You can still cancel the flight ticket by paying an amount as the cancellation fee. The remaining amount of the flight ticket’s value can be used for the future bookings. It means you cannot claim the refund.

Cancellation with the WORKS Bundle

You will be provided with so many benefits if you have purchased the WORKS bundle. These include free cancellation, full refund, and so on. When you have this, you can cancel your tickets at any time and without paying any additional amount. Hence, the Frontier Airlines refund policy with the WORKS is a bit flexible.

Cancellation Fees of Frontier Airlines 

To learn more about the Frontier Airlines refund policies, it is also important to be familiar with the cancellation charges. Here are the details:

Cancellation up to 0-6 days before the Scheduled Departure US$79
Cancellation up to 7-59 days before the Scheduled Departure US$49
Cancellation up to 60+ days before the Scheduled Departure FREE

Apart from this, there are some terms & conditions for the same. So, here is the detailed information:

  • If you want to claim refund as per the Frontier Airlines baggage refund policy, then you must make sure that you cancel or change your booking before the stated check-in duration of the flight i.e. 45 minutes and 60 minutes for domestic and international routes respectively
  • Your booking will automatically be cancelled if you fail to check-in within the given period. In this case, you will need to pay the ‘NO SHOW’ cancellation charges
  • You can cancel for free if you have booked your tickets through 30th September 2021
  • You can make the changes for free but you have to pay the difference fare amount

IMPORTANT: If you have booked the tickets on or before 21st August 2021, then the cancellation fee is non-refundable. Hence, connect with the customer care team of Frontier Airlines to know more about it.

Refund Policy for Frontier Airlines

After knowing the cancellation policy, you will surely get an idea on what the Frontier Airlines refund policy is. As per the Frontier Airlines refund policy, all bookings are refundable only if you cancel it within 24 hours of the actual booking time. But yes, it should be done only one week/7 days prior the scheduled departure time of your flight.

TIP: If you have opted for the WORKS bundle, then you do not have to worry about anything as the Frontier Airlines refund policy with the WORKS allows you to get a full refund irrespective of the time.

How to Cancel and Claim Refunds?

It is an easy process to do. Here are the steps involved in the cancellation and refund processes:

  • Go to the official website of Frontier Airlines
  • Find the MY TRIPS and click on it
  • Now, enter your last name along with the confirmation code to sign in to your account
  • When you do it, you will be directed to a new page where you can see all your itineraries
  • Click on the one that you want to cancel
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process

To submit your refund claims, you will need to fill out the online form carefully. When you submit the form, it states that you have acknowledged the terms and conditions mentioned in the Frontier Airlines refund policy. Look at the following for more:

  • Visit the official website of Frontier Airlines
  • Search for the REFUND FORM
  • When you find it, you will notice that it will have 4 sections
  • Since each section is mandatory, keep all the details handy
  • Now, enter the full name of the passenger along with the address and contact details
  • Enter each detail carefully
  • State the reason for cancelling the ticket and requesting the refund
  • In case you have any document to attach with the request, do it
  • Once you are done with the details asked, just submit the form

PLEASE NOTE: The refund policy for Frontier Airlines is subject to change at any time. Some alterations may be done in case of an unforeseen event like pandemic, natural calamities, martial law, or internal corporate disputes.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the cancellation and refund policies of Frontier Airlines are important if you want to keep yourself up-to-date and ready for any unwanted situation. In case you have any doubt or question about the refund policy and related aspects, you can call on the 801-401-9000 for further details. You can also visit the official website of Frontier to get detailed information about the same. Lastly, you must get familiar with this aspect to make the most out of your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Frontier Airlines Refund Policy

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Frontier Airlines refund policy. Take a look:

If you cancel your tickets as per the rules listed on the Frontier Airlines ticket refund policy, then the air operator will credit the refund amount within 7 working days. However, they will do that after validating the details provided.

Yes, you can cancel your ticket and can submit a request for refund. However, you will need to submit the relevant documents to the concerned authority.

Under special and unavoidable circumstances, the airline allows its passengers to cancel their tickets and request refunds. But yes, you will have to present the necessary documents as asked by the authorities to avail of this benefit.

When you have a round-trip and you want to cancel your booking, you will have to cancel both the reservations. One-sided cancellation is only allowed if you have a one-way trip booked. For more details, you are advised to visit the official website. You can also call the customer support team of Frontier to get proper assistance and professional guidance.

There are so many conditions in which the airline accepts the refund request and proceeds with it. These include:

  • Cancel your ticket within 24-hour of the booking but 7 days before the journey date
  • If you have WORKS bundle
  • Cancel the ticket due to your health issues or health problems of any of your close family members
  • You can also get the refund if you cancel your ticket due to the death of a family member  

But yes for health or death related reasons, you will have to submit the necessary documents. So, you are advised to connect with the airline and consult the same as they will guide you better on this. 

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