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Frontier Airlines Dog Policy

For some people, their pets are more like a family. If you want to travel with your loving pet like a dog, then Frontier Airlines is there to make your pet’s trip even more memorable, comfortable, and safer. Being a leading and low-cost carrier of America, Frontier is committed to keep your furry friend safe and sound throughout their journey. To learn more about the Frontier Airlines dog policy, keep on reading.

Frontier Airlines Dog Policy for Reservations

As soon as all your travel plans are done, you are advised to call the Frontier Airlines customer care team on 801-401-9000. This is important to assure your Fido gets a space in the flight. Please note down that not all Frontier flights and partner flights i.e. Great Lakes Aviation may not allow dogs and other pets. So, make sure you choose the right flight.

Dogs in the Cabin

As per the Frontier Airlines dog policy, your doggo can only travel within the country if you are travelling with them in the cabin. When it comes to international routes, you can carry your pet dog. However, it is completely your responsibility to make proper arrangements for them. While doing so, you are advised to keep the rules of the Frontier Airlines ESA dog policy, restrictions of the particular state or country, and other governmental customs and regulations.

Carrier and Related Guidelines

You can travel with your pet as a carry-on baggage or a personal item. However, you will need to follow the size restrictions for the same. Below are the size dimensions for the carrier of the dog:

Carrier as a Personal Item8inches (H) x 14inches (W) x 18inches (L)
Carrier as a Carry-On Item10inches (H) x 16inches (W) x 24inches (L)

The carrier should be comfortable and spacious enough for your dog so that he or she can easily stand and sit, turn around, or stay in the natural position inside it. A soft-sided carrier for pet dogs is highly recommended by the airline.

Important Points of Frontier Airlines Dogs Policy

Being a well-reputed and highly chosen airline in the country, Frontier tries everything possible to make the experience of its passengers memorable and joyful. To provide the same with your loving pet, the airline has made the Frontier Airlines dog policy. Here are some important points to keep in mind while or before going with a dog:

  • Only domesticated dogs will be allowed
  • Carry all documents related to the dog’s health and wellness
  • Do not give any water or food within 4 hours of the departure
  • You dog should be odourless, harmless, not disruptive, and need no attention at the time of the journey on the flight

Frontier Airlines Dog Allowance

To travel with a pet dog, you will need to pay a direction charge of US$99 for a one-way trip. This amount can be paid in advance at the time of booking but you can also pay while checking-in your dog. Your dog carrier will be allowed either as a personal item or a carry-on bag. In case you choose to keep it as a carry-on bag, you will need to pay an extra fee for it as per the Frontier Airlines dog policy.

IMPORTANT: The carrier of the dog should fit well under the front seat. So, keep this point in mind before booking a spot for your dog.

Frontier Airlines Service Dog Policy

As per the latest guidelines of the US Department of Transportation, only dogs will be accepted by the airlines as a service animal. These dogs should be well-trained to perform tasks or do things for the person with disabilities. These dogs must be listed as psychiatric service animals.

Important Points to Remember before Flying with a Service Dog

The Frontier Airlines service dog policy has some important points to remember. Look at the following to learn more:

  • Submit the duly filled Service Animal Air Transportation form of the US Department of Transportation at least 48 hours before the travel
  • The form should be submitted in-person to the Customer Service Agent at the airport
  • Attest all documents related to your dog’s training, health, and behaviour
  • You must book the tickets at least 48 hours or more before the travel time

Rules for Travelling with a Trained Service Dog/Animal

There are some new rules/guidelines in the Frontier Airlines service dog policy. Have a look at the points listed below to make your travel smooth and hassle-free:

  • Only dogs will be accepted as the service animal in the cabin
  • The dogs should be fully and well-trained psychiatric
  • A person with disabilities/disability will be allowed to travel with maximum up to 2 service animals/dogs
  • Companionship, comfort, or/and untrained animals will not be accepted as service animals
  • Your trained service dog should be trained well to behave properly during the journey or around people
  • Always use a lease, harness, or tethered at the airport and during journey
  • Under training service animals will not be accepted
  • The minimum age of the service animal should be above 4 months   
  • One service animal will be allowed in the cabin and per person
  • Animals with disruptive behaviour i.e. biting, growling, barking, scratching, lunging, excessive whining, defecting, or urinating the gate area or the cabin will be denied the boarding

Rules for Service Animals for International Travels

The Frontier Airlines service dog policy states that trained service animals are allowed to travel from or to all domestic as well as international routes. However, some international routes or countries may have different regulations. If you are travelling to an international destination with your trained service animal, then it will solely be your responsibility to follow the applicable laws, rules, requirements, and processes of that country. Therefore, you must read everything to keep unnecessary issues at bay.

Wellness and Health Details of Your Dog

The transportation of pets within the country is regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture or USDA. Therefore, Frontier Airlines will not ask you to show any health certificate while travelling within the US and in the cabin. But yes, you will need to show the same at the time of arrival (the documentations should be as per the state’s requirements).    

If you are travelling on an international destination, you will need a health certificate as per the Frontier Airlines dog policy. Since each country may have different requirements in terms of vaccinations, connect with the customer care of Frontier to learn more about the same.

Frontier Airlines Emotional Support Dog Policy

As per the policy for Frontier Airlines regarding emotional support dogs and the latest rules of the US Department of Transportation as of 1st February 2021, the airline is no longer accepting emotional support animals. However, you can carry your emotional support animals as per the latest Frontier Pet Policy by paying a fee.


So, these are the necessary details of the Frontier Airlines dog policy that every passenger should know before travelling with their feline. By knowing these aspects, you can make the upcoming trip of your loving pet comfortable and enjoyable. In case you have any doubt or query related to the Frontier Airlines ESA dog policy, browse through the official website or simply call the customer care team for professional support and assistance.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Frontier Airlines Dog Policy

Below are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Frontier Airlines dog policy and related aspects:

No, you can only carry your dog as a personal item or carry-on bag. For more details, you can visit the official website of Frontier Airlines.

Yes, there are certain rules based on the entry. Look at the following to know about the certificate that should be dated:

  • Mexico: Within 5 days
  • United States: Within 10 days
  • Coastal Rica: Within 14 days
  • Dominican Republic: Within 15 days
  • Puerto Rico: Within 30 days

The following details should be there:

  • Name of the owner
  • Address of the owner
  • Contact details
  • Species or breed of the animal
  • Destination or origin country
  • Details of the rabies and other vaccine

No, you cannot travel with a pet as you can only travel with a domesticated cat, dog, small bird, guinea pig, hamster, and rabbit. In addition to a parrot, you cannot carry the following as well:

  • Macaws
  • Birds of prey
  • Cockatoos
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrel
  • Ferrets
  • Beaver
  • Spiders
  • Snakes
  • Insects
  • Lion
  • Tiger
  • Bear

No, you are not allowed to bring your dog out of the carrier on the flight or at the airport. You must keep him in the container all the time.

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