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Frontier Airlines COVID Policy

For Frontier Airlines, the safety of its passengers is the top priority. This is one of the reasons why this US-based carrier stands out among all when it comes to safety measures for COVID-19. To ensure the comfort and safety of travellers, the aircraft of Frontier go through the necessary disinfection procedures to keep the surfaces clean and remove infectious agents. These things are done to reduce the risks of ongoing Coronavirus. The airline only uses the disinfecting, cleaning, and sanitising products that are deemed by the concerned authority i.e. the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). To learn more about the Frontier Airlines COVID policy, continue reading.

What is the Frontier Airlines COVID Policy?

To maximise the safety of passengers and enhance their travel experience, the airline has introduced some strict protective measures under the Frontier Airlines COVID policy. Look at the following to learn more about the same:

Airport Guidance

  • All passengers are advised to reach the airport with additional time prior to their scheduled departure
  • Always accept the ‘Health Acknowledgment Declaration’ that you will get during the online check-in via the official website or mobile application
  • Every passenger will have to undergo a non-invasive screening to measure the temperature at the gate
  • Passengers with the temperature of 100.4 degree Fahrenheit or more will not be allowed to board the flight
  • To maintain proper social distancing at the airport, proper signage and markers have been placed

Frontier Aircraft

  • To ensure the higher level of the comfort and safety, this air operator is doing disinfection of all aircraft on regular basis to minimise the risk
  • The airline is only using the products which are approved by the EPA
  • For airbus disinfection process, Frontier follows the Airbus Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM)
  • A team of professionals is appointed for each aircraft to do thorough cleaning and sanitization work every day

Face Masks

  • The airline has made it mandatory for the passengers as well as cabin crew members to wear a proper face mask covering their mouth and nose
  • The mask should be there through the journey
  • Children under the 2 years of age are exempted from this rule
  • Face shields and face covers with vents are not allowed


  • As per the Frontier Airlines COVID policy, all travellers need to maintain the right distance at the time of arrival also
  • No passenger will be allowed to remove their masks within the flight and premises of the airport

Frontier Airlines COVID Policy for Hand Luggage

The airline has made no changes in this section. It means the weight and size restrictions for the hand luggage will remain the same. However, you are advised to visit the official website of Frontier or call the customer support to have detailed information.

Final Thoughts

Being a reputed name in this segment, Frontier Airlines is doing everything possible to make sure its passengers are safe and protected from any sort of risk. Therefore, the Frontier Airlines COVID policy is created so that passengers do require facing any trouble and they can remain safe. In case you have any question or doubt, always feel free to get in touch with the airline’s customer care team.     

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Frontier Airlines COVID Policy

Look at the following to know the answers to the questions frequently asked by people about Frontier Airlines COVID-19 policy:

Yes, every passenger needs to bring their own sanitizer, gloves, etc. The airline may not provide you with the same. So, make sure you have these items in your bag before you leave your house to catch the Frontier Airlines flight.

In case a passenger is disable and unable to wear a mask due to that issue, they can apply for the exemption. The regulations have already been mentioned in the Americans with Disability Act 42 USC 1201. So, if your son is unable to wear a mask, then you are advised to apply for the face mask exclusion under this act.

As per the recommendations of the concerned authorities i.e. the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), every passenger should wear a N-95 and surgical mask to cover their mouth and face properly.

Yes, you will need to submit the latest negative RT-PCR test report before travelling. Your boarding may be denied by the airline if you fail to do so or your report is positive.

Yes, you can cancel your flight tickets for free if you have booked between 22nd December 2020 and 30th September 2021. In case your reservation does not fall under the given time frame, you will need to pay an amount as the Frontier Cancellation Fee. And yes, the cancellation charges will depend on your destination, fare type, and the time of cancelling the tickets. Connect with the airlines via a phone call or browse through the official website to know its COVID-19 policy and other important things.

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