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Frontier Airlines Child Policy

Frontier Airlines is a popular name in the country when it comes to low-cost travel options. But it is also recognized for its outstanding policies including the Frontier Airlines child policy. This policy is also called unaccompanied minor policy. It is basically designed for the kids who travel without parents or legal guardians. Under this policy, small kids are provided with the proper assistance right from the departure to the arrival. Please note from 1st November 2018 the airline is not accepting any minor below the age 15 years if they are travelling alone. Instead they should be in the same reservation or booking like accompanying adults. So, keep scrolling to find out more,

Frontier Airlines Child Policy for Seat Selection

As per the latest Frontier Airline child policy, the airline will only accept kids under the age 15 if they have the same reservation as an accompanying adult. If they do not have such reservations, then they will not be accepted or denied boarding. It means unaccompanied minors cannot travel in Frontier Airlines.

Frontier Airlines Child Seat Policy

There are some rules listed under this Frontier Airlines lap child policy. Look at the following for more details:

Lap InfantsFor Others
Lap infants mean kids who are between the age of 7 days and below 2 years. They fall under the Frontier Airlines free child policy. As a result, they can travel for free but on the lap of adults. Apart from lap infants, others will need the same reservations like adults to travel to their destination.

Besides the above points, some important rules of Frontier Airlines child car seat policy have been mentioned below:

  • Kids of 2 years of age or older should have the paid seat to travel
  • If passengers want to allot a seat to their infants below 2 years of age, then they will need to pay for it as per the Frontier Airlines child seating policy
  • One ticketed passenger will be allowed to hold only one lap infant
  • For twins or two lap infants, you will need to pay for one
  • Lap infants with a paid seat should have the FAA-approved harness or car seat. You can use booster seats but they are only allowed during flight

Fares for Kids and Infants

According to the Frontier Airlines child policy, lap infants who are between the age of 7 days and 2 years will be permitted to travel for free on all domestic and international routes. However, certain taxes and additional charges may apply on international flights in the following conditions:

  • The infant should not occupy a separate seat
  • The infant must be hold by a full-fare-paying ‘adult’ traveller
  • The adult passenger travelling with the infant should be 15 years or more for domestic routes and at least 18 years old for international routes    

Baggage Rules of Frontier Airlines for Infants and Kids

If you are travelling with a lap infant or child, then you will be allowed the following baggage for free as per the Frontier Airline child policy:

  • One diaper bag
  • One pre-approved restraint device (you will need to check-in separately if it is not labelled approved)
  • One stroller (you will need to submit it at the departure gate and retrieve it at the arrival airport)

IMPORTANT: You can bring the booster seat but it will only be allowed to use during the journey. You cannot use it at the time of takeoff and landing. At this time, you will need to keep it in the space given in the overhead bin or under the front seat.

Frontier Airlines Child Seating Policy

According to the child seating policy of Frontier Airlines, infants or children under and over 2 years of age who are travelling on a paid seat should use a harness or car seat approved by the FAA. Below is the size related details of the same:

  • A321 Aircraft: Minimum width of the seat 16.5 inches
  • A320/ A319 Aircraft: Minimum width of the seat 17.4 inches  

Important Aspects of Car Seats

While using car seats on the flights of Frontier Airlines, you should ensure the following:

  • The weight of your child should be as per the maximum limit of your car seat
  • The seat should be strong enough and equipped with the restraint straps
  • It should be labelled by the concerned authorities
  • You are advised not to keep the car seat at the emergency exit
  • Do not place it on the seat having airbag
  • You should place it in a way that it does not block other passengers’ path
  • It will be your responsibility to keep the car seat safe and secure throughout the journey
  • As per the Frontier Airlines child car seat check-in policy, you are advised to check-in as early possible or you can do it online via the mobile app or official website
  • You are suggested to bring a toy for your child to keep him engaged throughout the journey

Final Thoughts

By knowing these aspects of the Frontier Airlines Minor Policy, you can make the upcoming trip for your little one smoother and joyful. In case you have any sort of doubt or question in mind regarding this policy, you are advised to visit the official website of Frontier Airlines. You can also call the customer care team of this low-cost carrier to find answers to your queries and concerns.    

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Frontier Airlines Child Policy

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Frontier Airlines and its child policy. Please take a look:

If your child is 7 days old or below 2 years of age, then he or she can travel for free if they sit in your lap. Kids over 2 years will need separate reservations like adults. And when it comes to documents like birth certificates, the airline may ask you to provide them with the same to verify the age of the child. However, you must connect with the airline for further details.

According to the Kid Zone program created by Frontier Airlines, in the last 6 rows, parents can book their seats to sit along with their child. However, the rules of the Frontier Airlines child policy will be applied.

No. Diaper bags are considered personal items. It means you can carry it for free on the flights as per the baggage policy of Frontier Airlines. To check out more about the baggage policy, you must connect with the airline’s customer support team or simply browse through the official website.

The airline is following all rules and regulations to maintain the safety of its passengers. Frontier Airlines is using disinfectants deemed by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Therefore, it will be completely your choice whether you want to travel in the flights of Frontier Airlines or not.

No. You will not require paying any amount for checking-in the stroller. But yes, you will need to submit it at the departure gate. And it will be your responsibility to collect it at the arrival airport.

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