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Frontier Airlines Baggage Weight Limit

While travelling, everyone wants to make their journey as affordable as possible. Good news is that you can bring down the travel expenses considerably by packing light. And it will only be possible when you are familiar with the Frontier Airlines baggage weight rules. If you are familiar with the weight on how much you should pack, then you will not require spending more on the baggage. Continue reading to find the answer to – what is the weight limit for baggage on Frontier Airlines!

Frontier Airlines Baggage Weight Policy

Flying with the leading carrier of the USA comes with numerous benefits. But your travel can become more amazing if you know the baggage policy including the weight restrictions beforehand. If you are about to book your tickets with Frontier Airlines, then you must keep the following in your mind.

  • Personal Item: Frontier Airlines baggage weight limits and size restrictions for personal items are clearly defined on the official website. A personal item could be anything like a briefcase, computer bag, laptop, camera, purse, tote bags, diaper bags, kids backpack, etc. No matter what item you are planning to travel with, it should have the dimensions of 14inches (tall) x 18inches (wide) x 8inches (long). In addition to this, it should easily fit under the front seat or overhead bin.
  • Carry-On Baggage: The rules of the baggage weight of Frontier Airlines are something that every passenger should learn about. According to the rules, you can bring anything as long as it fulfils the requirements of the carry-on baggage weight and size restrictions. Furthermore, you should make sure that the bag you are bringing must fit under the seat or in the compartment above. Below are the details of weight and size limits:
    • Maximum Weight of the Carry-on Bag: 35 pounds
    • Size of the Carry-On Bag: 24inches (tall) x 10inches (wide) x 16inches (long)

These dimensions and weight limit includes the wheels, straps, and handles of the bag. Now, you know the carry-on bag weight restrictions. It means you can now think of a small duffle bag, large backpack or even small wheeled bag or suitcase.

  • Checked Baggage: This is yet another critical aspect that every passenger of Frontier Airlines should know about if they truly want to make their trip stress-free. Below is the Frontier Airlines’ checked baggage size and weight policy:
    • Maximum Weight of the Checked Bag: 50 pounds
    • Size of the Checked Bag: 62 inches (linear)

In case your bag exceeds the limits mentioned, you will need to pay an additional fee in the form of oversized or overweight baggage allowance. Look at the following to know the amount that will be charged by the airline for the bags exceeding the Frontier Airlines baggage weight and size limits:   

  • Fees for Oversized Bags: USD 75 for each bag
  • Fees for Overweight Bags: USD 75 for each bag

IMPORTANT: As per the guidelines of the Frontier Airlines for baggage weight allowance, it will not accept any bag that weighs 100 pounds or/and has the linear dimensions of over 110 inches.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know every detail of Frontier Airlines Baggage Weight Policy. So, it is good to purchase the bags ahead of time. We are advising this because prices of bags will be higher at the airport. So, buy early and hold a chance to save more on your overall travel cost. In case you have purchased the Frontier’s bundles i.e. WORKS or PERKS, it will include a carry-on as well as a checked bag. Have more questions? Get in touch with the airline’s customer support or you can simply explore more about the same by visiting the official website of Frontier Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Frontier Airlines Baggage Weight Limit

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers related to baggage weight rules of Frontier Airlines:

The airfares of Frontier Airlines do not include any bags. It means you will have to purchase the cabin as well as checked luggage. But yes, the airline offers various bundles i.e. WORKS & PERKS. By buying these bundles, you will be allowed to have one carry-on and one checked baggage at no extra cost. For detailed information, connect with Frontier Airlines.

First and foremost, you should note down that carry-on bags charges depend on the destination chosen and the time or mode you prefer to pay through. Since the amount may vary from one destination to another, check out some common fees for the carry-on bags:

  • At the Time of Booking: USD 37-USD 39
  • During Online Booking (but up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure): USD 40-USD 42
  • Web/Online Check-In: USD 43
  • Ticket Counter at the Airport: USD 55
  • Call Centre: USD 55
  • At the Departure Gate: USD 60

The whole process is very easy. You are only required to follow the necessary yet easy steps mentioned below:

  • Browse through the official website of Frontier Airlines
  • Sign in to your account or MY TRIPS
  • You can also check-in by entering the passenger’s last name and confirmation code
  • When you do it, a new page will open – MANAGE MY BOOKING
  • On this page, you will see so many options on the top
  • Find and click on ADD BAGGAGE
  • Follow further steps appear on the screen and pay for the bags added

You can also buy through the official mobile app, via a phone call, or at the airport. However, if you choose to buy or add baggage offline, you will need to pay more. So, check everything and make decisions accordingly.

This is one of the most misfortunate events. However, you do not have to worry about anything if you are flying with Frontier Airlines. It is because this USA-based carrier takes all damages into consideration and determines the liability. So, if you have received a damaged bag, do the following:

  • Notify the airline or report the damage to the customer care representative of Frontier Airlines immediately or within four hours of reaching the destination
  • You can also call the customer care team or the Central Baggage Office to report the damage
  • You can also fill out the online form to submit the damage and related query  

Read the baggage policy of Frontier Airlines before flying or while booking the flight ticket. It is because everything is mentioned there including the damaged, delayed, or/and lost bags.

Yes, he can travel with a firearm. But he will have to follow some rules and procedures. Some of them have been listed below:

  • He should keep it in the checked baggage only
  • Everything should be unloaded and packed in the manufacturer’s original packing
  • The case in which you are packing it should be strong enough
  • You will need to notify the airline about the firearm you are carrying

These are just a few rules. You are advised to visit the official website to get detailed information. You must note down that if any passenger fails to follow these rules, they will be charged USD10000 as penalty and they will need to face legal prosecution also.

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