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Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy for Economy Class

Frontier Airlines is the most reputed and highly preferred carrier in the United States. Best known for offering low-cost travel options and covering numerous domestic and international destinations, Frontier Airlines is quite popular for its flexible and passenger-friendly policies. If you are travelling soon or planning to travel with this Denver-based ultra low-cost carrier, then it is essential to learn more about its policies, particularly Frontier Airlines baggage policy for economy. And to help you in this quest, we have come up with this post so that you can get all the necessary details at one place. Continue reading to find out more.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy Economy

Unlike any other popular carrier in the country, Frontier Airlines also follows a systematic approach to make the upcoming trip of its passengers smooth and hassle-free. And when it comes to baggage policy for economy class, everyone will be allowed to carry one personal item for free and for the rest of the bags i.e. carry-on and checked, you will need to pay the baggage allowance as per the Frontier Airlines baggage policy economy. Below, we have mentioned the allowance for different bags along with other important information.

Frontier Baggage Policy for Checked Baggage

The airline will allow you to fly with checked bags as per the TSA guidelines. To board the flight without any issue, your checked bags must comply with the size and weight restrictions. Additionally, you must keep the total number of checked bags in your mind that is allowed in your chosen class. Now, look at the following to know the size and weight of checked baggage:

  • Size of the Checked Baggage: between 62-110 inches
  • Weight of the Checked Baggage (Economy & Premium Economy Class): 23 kg
  • Weight of the Checked Baggage (Business & First Class): 32 kg

Now, look at the following to know the checked baggage allowance as per the Frontier Airlines baggage policy for economy class:

ParticularsFees for 1st BagFees for 2nd BagFees for 3rd or more Bags
At the Time of Ticket BookingUS$34 – US$37US$39 – US$50US$85
During Online Booking (but up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure)US$39 – S$45US$45 – US$50US$85
Via a Phone CallUS$55US$55US$95
Web or Online Check-inUS$40 – US$46US$55US$90
Ticket Counter at the AirportUS$55US$55US$95
At the Departure GateUS$60

Please Note: the fees for checked baggage may vary depending on your specific itinerary (domestic or international), date and time of travel, and cabin class chosen. So, it is advised to validate the details mentioned above or simply check for your specific details to get a better idea of the amount that you will need to pay for checked bags.

Frontier Baggage Policy for Carry-On Bags

Just like checked baggage policy, the carry-on Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy for economy class is slightly different. The personal item is also considered the carry-on bag that you bring on the flight with you. To keep unnecessary hassles at bay, you are advised to keep following the rules stated by the airline for carry-on bags’ size and weight. For more details, look at the points mentioned here:

  • Size of the Carry-On Baggage: 16 inches x 10 inches x 24 inches
  • Size of the Personal Item: 18 inches x 14 inches x 8 inches
  • Weight of the Checked Baggage (for All Classes): 23 kg

As per the baggage policy of Frontier Airlines, only one personal item is available for free. It means you will need to pay an allowance for the carry-on bags. Below, we have listed an indicative baggage fee for carry-on baggage. Kindly check for your specific location and everything to avoid confusions later on:

  • During online booking through the mobile app or website: US$ 39
  • After booking but up to 24 hours before the departure time: US$ 41
  • Online/web check-in via the app or website: US$ 43
  • Ticket counters of Frontier at the airport: US$ 55
  • At the self-service kiosk centre/tower: US$ 55
  • At the airport’s departure gate: US$ 60
  • Via a phone call to the customer care: US$ 55

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy Economy for Oversized/Overweight Bags

Many times it is a little difficult to fit the items in the bags as per the given dimensions. Hence, your bag may be oversized or overweight at times. In this case, you can still travel with Frontier Airlines – thanks to the oversized and overweight baggage policy. Here are the maximum weight and size details along with the applicable fees:

  • Maximum Size of the Bag: Up to 110 inches (linear)
  • Maximum Weight: Up to 110 kg
  • Applicable Fee on Oversized Bags: US$ 75
  • Applicable Fee on Overweight Bags: US$ 75

The airline will not accept the bags exceeding the limits given above in any case. So, make sure you abide by the baggage rules.  


Since the Frontier Airlines baggage policy for economy class is more or less the same as the normal one, you can pack your bags keeping the restrictions in mind. In case you have any sort of confusion or doubt in your mind, it is suggested to connect with the airline as soon as possible. Making delays in the same will not only ruin your travel day but may cost you even more than your expectations. So, browse through the official website or simply call on the customer care number available on the website to find the answers to your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy for Economy

Below we have answered the commonly asked questions about Frontier baggage policy and its related aspects. Have a look:

As carry-on bags, you can travel with several items. The airline allows you to bring the following items (it is just an indicative list. Visit the official site for detailed information):

  • Foot rug for prayers
  • Assistive devices
  • Respiratory devices
  • Wheelchairs
  • Headphones
  • Hearing aids
  • Clothes
  • Baby food
  • Diaper bags
  • Strollers
  • Baby car seat

The airline cares for its passengers and their safety. This is one of the reasons why certain items are strictly prohibited. And these may include:

  • Knives
  • Chemicals
  • Scissors
  • Lithium batteries
  • Sharp objects
  • Firearms
  • Toy guns
  • Radioactive substances
  • Explosives
  • Magnetic materials

Get in touch with the airline’s customer care executives to know more about the items which are restricted in the flights as carry-on and checked bag.

In the scheduled flights, irrespective of the class chosen, infants will be allowed. However, there are certain terms and conditions that will be applied. And baggage-related rules have been listed below:

  • To travel with lap infants for free, their age should be between 7 days and below 2 years
  • In case the age of an infant is 2 years or more, you will need to pay for their travel
  • One person will be allowed one lap infant only. For the second lap infant, you will need to buy a seat
  • The accompanied passenger’s age should be at least 15 years for domestic and 18 years for international routes  

You are suggested to visit the official website of Frontier Airlines to read the child policy in detail and get familiar with the rules and restrictions of the same.

Yes, you can bring your pet in the flights of Frontier Airlines but only as carry-on baggage. However, you will need to follow the rules mentioned in the Frontier Airlines pet baggage policy. For instance, you will need to keep the pet in the approved carrier which is spacious enough and comfortable for them. And when it comes to the fee, you will need to pay an amount of US$99 for a one-way trip. Please keep in mind that every state and country will have different rules for travelling with the pet. So, check everything beforehand to make the trip stress-free for your pet.

You can bring the following sports and musical instruments in Frontier Airlines:

  • Bicycles
  • Hockey equipment
  • Scuba diving equipment
  • Bowling equipment
  • Paragliding equipment
  • Bows and arrows
  • Golf equipment
  • Kayaks
  • Windsurfing equipment
  • Snowboards
  • Violin/Piano
  • Drums/Tabla
  • Cell bass
  • Canoe
  • Guitar
  • Drumsticks
  • Hang gliders
  • Wakeboards

These are a few items only. In case you have an instrument which is not listed here, you are advised to check the same with the airline via a phone call. You can also browse through the official website for detailed information. 

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