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Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees

Frontier Airlines is one of the leading ‘ultra-low-cost American carriers. Being a popular name in the country, Frontier is best-known for its passenger-friendly policies and world-class services. When it comes to Frontier Airlines baggage fees 2021, you will notice that they charge standard fees for carry-on and checked bags. To get detailed information about the Frontier Airlines baggage fees, keep on reading this post.

Frontier Airlines Carry-On Baggage Fees

The airline charges standard fees for different bags. So, when it comes to carry-on baggage, the Frontier Airlines baggage fees will be as follow:

  • Personal Item: 1 Item FREE
  • Standard Carry-On Bags: The amount charged by the airline as baggage fees for carry-on bags will highly depend on the route chosen. So, you can run a quick search on the carry-on allowance checker available on the official website. However, some consistent pricing have been mentioned below (but do run a search to see the applicable baggage fee for your specific destination):
  • At the Time of Booking: USD37-USD39
  • During Online Booking (but up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure): USD40-USD42
  • Call Centre: USD55
  • Web/Online Check-In: USD43
  • Ticket Counter at the Airport: USD55
  • At the Departure Gate: USD60

IMPORTANT: If you reach the departure gate with an extra carry-on bag apart from the booked baggage, then you will need to pay an extra fee for the item as ‘hold’ luggage.

Carry-On Bags Size Restrictions

Knowing the carry-on bag size is important because if you bring a bag beyond the given restriction, you will need to pay an additional fee i.e. oversized/overweight bag fee. So, look at the following if you want to avoid the excess amount on the Frontier Airlines fees of the baggage:

  • Size of the Personal Item: 18inches x 14inches x 8inches
  • Size of the Standard Bags: 24inches x 16inches x 10inches
  • Weight of the Standard Bag: maximum up to 15.88kg/35 pounds

Frontier Airlines Checked Baggage Fees

Just like carry-on bags, there is different pricing for the checked bags. You can use the same tool available on the official Frontier Airlines to see what are Frontier Airlines baggage fees for checked bags for a specific route? Besides, we have listed common pricing below for checked baggage. Take a look:

ParticularFee for 1st BagFee for 2nd BagFee for 3rd or more Bags
At the Time of Ticket BookingUSD34- USD37USD39- USD50USD85
During Online Booking (but up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure)USD39- USD45USD45- USD50USD85
Via a Phone CallUSD55USD55USD95
Web or Online Check-inUSD40- USD46USD55USD90
Ticket Counter at the AirportUSD55USD55USD95
At the Departure GateUSD60NANA

NOTE: The above tabulated Frontier Airlines checked baggage fees is for one-way flight only. You are advised to validate the details at least once to avoid unwanted issues later.

Size for the Checked Bags

Every checked bag should adhere to the maximum weight restriction which is up to 23 kg. In addition to this, the bag should have linear dimensions of 62 inches or 158cm. If you want to avoid the excess baggage fee that will be levied on the checked baggage fees for Frontier Airlines, you are advised to follow the weight and size restrictions given.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees for Additional and Excess Bags

Many times, it is very difficult to follow the given restrictions of the bags. In this case, you will be allowed to carry oversized or overweight bags. However, you will need to pay an additional amount for the same. Below is the indicative fee for excess or additional baggage (please note down that these are for one-way trips only):   

  • Fee for the Bags Weight more than 50lbs: USD75
  • Fee for the Bags that have the size more than 62 inches: USD75

IMPORTANT: Frontier Airlines does not accept bags that are more than 100lbs or have linear dimensions beyond 110 inches. In case you have special luggage like musical instruments or sports equipment, you are suggested to go through the Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy to know the fee.

Frontier Airlines Pay Baggage Fee Online

The airline allows its passengers to pre-pay for their luggage online. They can either use the official website or simply download the Frontier mobile app.

Here are the steps to be followed to pre-pay the baggage fees online via the official website:

  • Go to the official website of Frontier Airlines
  • You will get the option MY TRIPS, click on it
  • When you click, drop down options will appear. Find and click on PURCHASE BAGS
  • Now, sign in to your MY TRIP or CHECK-IN by entering your last name and the confirmation code
  • You will be redirected to a new page – MANAGE MY BOOKING
  • On the top, you will see the option saying ADD BAGGAGE, click on it
  • Follow the further steps to complete the bags purchase   

Buy Bags via the Mobile App

The airline has a user-friendly mobile app designed for iOS and Android devices. You can download the app from your respective play store. Once you do it, complete the signup or registration process. After this, go to your account and follow the steps, as usual, to buy bags or pay Frontier Airlines baggage fees online.  

Other Ways to Buy Bags

You can also buy bags or pay the baggage fees at the airport’s ticket counter and departure gate. However, you should keep in mind that the baggage fees increase with time. It means if you want to save more, it is advised to buy early. Please note down that you will need to pay more if you buy at the ticket counter or gate.

Waivers and Exclusions

This American air operator provides its special passengers with some exclusions and waivers. For instance, if you are active-duty military personnel, then you will get the following benefits:

  • Personal Item: 1 FREE
  • Carry-On Bag: 1 FREE
  • Checked Bags: 2 FREE
  • Overweight and Oversized Bags Fess: Waived for the first 2 checked bags


So, these are complete Frontier Airlines baggage fees details. By knowing every detail, you can make your upcoming trip smooth and memorable. In case you have any doubts or questions, you can connect with the airlines’ customer support team or simply browse through the official website for detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Frontier Airlines baggage fees:

You can avoid the baggage fees by packing only one personal item which is free as per the Frontier Airlines baggage rules. In case you cannot pack the items in a personal bag, you can reduce the baggage fees by paying it at the time of ticket booking. You can also opt for the Works & the Perks bundles to buy specialty fares. With this, you can reduce the baggage fee significantly.

If you are a member of the frontier frequent flyer program, then you will earn some miles after every booking. And when you reach the 20k miles, you will become an elite member. With this, you will be provided with one FREE carry-on bag. Once you reach the 100k miles, you will get one FREE checked bag as well. You will also be provided with a special Frontier Airlines baggage fees coupon and voucher if you meet certain criteria.

If your backpack fits underneath the front seat or has the dimension of 14inches x 18inches x 8inches, then you are not required to pay any Frontier Airlines baggage fees. 

Yes, you can add bags at any point in time even after booking. However, you will need to pay a fee for the bag added. To add bags, you can visit the website or mobile app or simply do it at the departure gate or the airport’s ticket counter. To save on the baggage fees, you are advised to add bags online as they will cost you more if you do it offline.

Frontier Airlines is one of the carriers that take the hauling of firearms as well as ammunition quite seriously. Therefore, they have certain rules for the passengers who want to carry such items. This airline understands the basic rights of a person but it also wants to keep others safe. So, it is advised to connect with Frontier Airlines via any mode to learn more about the rules for carrying firearms or ammunition. The detailed information has been given on the official website. So, you can visit there for more.

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